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There’s no denying that sports teams and cities as a whole are interconnected, because they usually encompass the heart and soul of each individual into each game and many times a win or loss will dictate a mood for the entire city.

The Portland Trail Blazers is a great example here, as they are a team created more than 40 years ago and which has been the true emblem of the region for quite some time now. They were the only large professional franchise in the city of Portland, Oregon and because of that they tried to bring justice to the city by defeating all their competitors. Obviously there were wins and losses but they managed to showcase the true battling power that Portland has to offer.

Thanks to their growth, the Portland Trail Blazers managed to become one of the major icons for the city. It’s one of the main reasons why they call it Rip City in the first place, a nickname that was first used by Bill Schonely, a former radio play by play man that followed the Portland Trail Blazers for quite some time and he clearly knows the unique fervor and love that comes from the city when the Blazers are playing.

Click Here To Buy Tickets For The Portland Trailblazers

The story starts sometime in 66 when Portland Trail Blazers had to battle the Los Angeles Lakers which was the major rival for the team. The atmosphere back then was breathtaking and the crowd was so wild that they just wanted to rip the clouds. It was the ultimate sports crowd any team would want, and that’s what led to the interesting name that they received from Schonely.

After Schonely retired, it was Brian Wheeler’s responsibility to carry on the torch and showcase the unique nature of Rip City and the mazing team that was famous all around the country. When Schonely passed the torch to Wheeler the entire city was very emotional and amazed by the entire thing, it was definitely a historic moment that we still talk about decades after it happened.

And then it was Mark Mason. The ultimate chief PA announcer for the Portland Trail Blazers, Mark has definitely managed to surpass expectations and become a new Schonely.

Click Here To Buy Tickets For The Portland Trailblazers

There were multiple challenges for him, ranging from disappointing teams, unruly players, half empty arenas and other hassles. Yet it’s all about fulfilling the dream of the town and continuing the legacy, and that’s why he continued to be the PA announcer for more than 19 years. It’s really exciting to see the power of Rip City in its entire glory and these announcers have definitely managed to bring in front a new, stellar insight into how the city’s main star, the Portland Trail Blazers team, has managed to change the life of all residents!

There’s no city in the world where you can find such a dedicated, amazing and truly appreciative fandom, and that’s why the PA announcers have seen right from the start. A unique sense of community and strength, combined with the utmost love for the game and a passion for success is what Rip City has managed to bring right from the start.

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Click Here To Buy Tickets For The Portland Trailblazers

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